481—57.34(135C) Supplies.
57.34(1) Linen supplies.
a. There shall be an adequate supply of linen so that each resident shall have at least three
washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels per week. (III)
b. A complete change of bed linens shall be available in the linen storage area for each bed. (III)
c. Sufficient lightweight, clean, serviceable blankets shall be available. All blankets shall be
laundered as often as necessary for cleanliness and freedom of odors. (III)
d. Each bed shall be provided with clean, washable bedspreads. There shall be a supply available
when changes are necessary. (III)
e. Uncrowded and convenient storage shall be provided for linens, pillows, and bedding. (III)
57.34(2) First aid kit. A first aid emergency kit shall be available on each floor in every facility. (II,III)
57.34(3) General supplies.
a. All equipment shall be properly cleaned and sanitized before use by another resident. (III)
b. Clean and sanitary storage shall be provided for equipment and supplies. (III)


481—57.33(135C) Environment and grounds.
57.33(1) A residential care facility shall be constructed in a neighborhood free from excessive noise,
dirt, polluted, or odorous air, or similar disturbances. (III)
57.33(2) There shall be an area available for outdoor activities calculated at 25 square feet per
licensed bed. Open-air porches may be included in meeting such requirements. (III)