The resident agreement

The Written Agreement

It is always an exciting time when a new resident chooses to move into your community! Many hours of work from your team have paid off and now you welcome a new member to the “family”- but it’s not done yet! The state of Nevada requires a written admission agreement for every new person moving into a residential care facility. To avoid potential issues these agreements should always be signed prior to the resident moving in or taking possession of the apartment. Check out the regulations below as to what needs to be included in the written admission agreement:

NAC 449.15527  Agreement between operator of home and resident concerning rates; maintenance of records of residents. (NRS 449.0302)  The operator of a home shall:

1.  Enter into a written agreement with each resident of the home that sets forth the basic rate for the services of the home and the charges for any optional services.

2.  Maintain a separate, organized file for each resident of the home and retain the file for 5 years after the resident permanently leaves the home. Each file must include:

(a) The full name, address, date of birth and social security number of the resident;

(b) The address and telephone number of the resident’s physician and a person who is responsible for the resident;

(c) A copy of the results of a general physical examination of the resident conducted by his or her physician; and

(d) A current copy of the assessment of the needs of the resident conducted pursuant to NAC 449.15523.