Therapeutic recreation in the ALF

We as administrators often fail to see the importance of the “activities” program. The first problem is we fail to see this as more than just “activities”. These are life enrichment tools that add value and give fulfillment to the lives of older adults. The enrichment programming in an ALF provides structure to the resident’s day and gives them different events to attend throughout the day. While the programming may differ from community to community the OHFLAC has regulated the following to occur in every ALF:


  • 64-14-7. Activities.


7.1.  The licensee shall provide an activity program designed to meet the interests of, and promote the highest level possible of well-being in, all dimensions of life including physical, psychological, social, and spiritual, of each resident.


7.2.  The program shall:


7.2.1.  Provide information and referral services and facilitate opportunities for using the social, recreational, and vocational activities within the community;


7.2.2.  Provide a minimum of seven hours per week, one hour per day, unless the residents request more, of various types of scheduled activities, including activities appropriate for residents with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia; and


7.2.3.  Provide a monthly calendar that lists the type, time, and duration of all social and recreational activities for the residents and documentation that activities did or did not take place.  (Class III)


Pro Tip:

  • Ask for input from your residents as to what type of activities they would like to see in the community.
  • Provide incentive for residents to attend events. You could give them ‘community name’ bucks to spend in a community store
  • Build buy in from all staff members to promote healthy activities of residents