Third-Party Providers

Third-Party Providers

Simply put, our third-party providers such as hospice, home healthcare, physician groups, etc. do not get the much-deserved respect they are entitled to. Collaborating with these groups can elevate the care of your residents and take the pressure off your direct care staff when used properly. The state of Arkansas Department of Health Services issues the following regulation for providing care to residents who are outside of our scope:


A Level I assisted living facility shall not admit or continue to provide care to, individuals whose needs are greater than the facility is licensed to provide. For any service required under these regulations that are not provided directly by the facility, the facility must have a written contractual agreement or contract with an outside program, resource, or service to furnish the necessary service


If your organization has a collaborative relationship with the assisted living facilities and would like to be included on our website, ALF BOSS is happy to help you.