TOILET AND BATHING FACILITIES:  Toilet and bathing facilities shall be located appropriately to meet the needs of residents.

  1.             A minimum of one (1) toilet, one (1) sink and one (1) bathing unit shall be provided for every eight (8) residents or fraction thereof.

                                (1)           The facility shall provide at least one tub and one shower or combination unit to allow for residents bathing preference.

                                (2)           Facilities with four (4) or more residents shall provide a handicap accessible bathroom for every thirty (30) residents that allows for a bathing preference.

  1.             Facilities with four (4) or more residents must comply with accessibility requirements for the disabled.
  2.             Toilet, sink and bathing facilities shall be readily available to the residents.  No passage through a resident room by another resident to reach a toilet, bathing unit or sink facility shall be permitted.
  3.             The combination type tub and shower shall be permitted.
  4.             A facility with four (4) or more residents that has live-in staff shall provide a separate toilet, sink and bathing facility for staff.
  5.             Toilets, tubs and showers shall be provided with grab bars.
  6.             Tubs and showers shall have a slip resistant surface.
  7.             The floors of bathrooms and bathing facilities shall have smooth, waterproof and slip-resistant surfaces.
  8.              Toilet paper and soap shall be provided in each toilet room.
  9.              The use of a common towel shall be prohibited.
  10.             Bathrooms and lavatories shall be cleaned as often as necessary to maintain a clean and sanitary condition.

[ NMAC – Rp, NMAC, 1/15/2010]