Administrator training and orientation.

Training and CEU for ALF administrators

As the administrator of an assisted living facility, you are entrusted with an enormous amount of responsibility. Think about it; you are ultimately responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in the facility, clinical care, food service, census, it is on your shoulders. It takes a dedicated, detail-oriented person to run a community, in addition to the following regulation, provided by the Department of Human Services as to the training required to be an ALF administrator in the state of Pennsylvania:

  • 2800.64. Administrator training and orientation.

(a) Prior to initial employment as an administrator, a candidate shall successfully complete the following:

(1) An orientation program approved and administered by the Department.

(2) A 100-hour standardized Department-approved administrator training course. The training provided for in § 2800.69 (relating to additional dementia specific training) shall be in addition to the 100-hour training course.

(3) A Department-approved competency-based training test with a passing score.

(b) The standardized Department-approved administrator training course specified in subsection (a)(2) must include the following:

(1) Fire prevention and emergency preparedness.

(2) Medication procedures, medication effects and side effects, universal precautions and personal hygiene.

(3) Certification in CPR and obstructed airway techniques and training in first aid.

(4) Assisted living services.

(5) Local, State and Federal laws and regulations pertaining to the operation of a residence.

(6) Nutrition, food handling and sanitation.

(7) Recreation.

(8) Care for residents with mental illness.

(9) Resident rights.

(10) Care for residents with cognitive and neurological impairments and other special needs.

(11) Care for residents with an intellectual disability.

(12) Community resources, social services and activities in the community.

(13) Staff supervision and staff person training including developing orientation and training guidelines for staff.

(14) Budgeting, financial recordkeeping and resident records including: (i) Writing, completing and implementing initial assessments, annual assessments and support plans. (ii) Resident-residence contracts.

(15) Gerontology.

(16) Abuse and neglect prevention and reporting.

(17) Cultural competency.

(18) Infection control.

(19) Training specific to the resident composition.

(20) Training on person-centered care, informed consent, aging in place and the availability of services to support aging in place.

(21) Incident management and incident reporting.

(22) The requirements of this chapter.

(c) An administrator shall have at least 24 hours of annual training relating to the job duties. The Department-approved administrator training course specified in subsection (a) fulfills the annual training requirement for the first year.

(d) Annual training shall be provided by Department-approved training sources listed in the Department’s assisted living residence training resource directory or by an accredited college or university, courses approved for credit by National Continuing Education Review Service/National Association of Boards of Examiners of Long-Term Care Administrators or the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs in the Department of State.

(e) An administrator who has successfully completed the training in subsections (a)—(d) shall provide written verification of successful completion to the Department’s Assisted Living Residence Licensing Office.

(f) A record of training including the individual trained, date, source, content, length of each course and copies of certificates received shall be kept.

(g) A licensed nursing home administrator who is employed as an administrator prior to January 18, 2011, is exempt from the qualification and training requirements under this section and § 2800.53 (relating to qualifications and responsibilities of administrators) if the administrator continues to meet the applicable licensing requirements. A licensed nursing home administrator hired as an administrator after January 18, 2011, shall complete and pass the Department approved assisted living administrator competency-based test.



Top Takeaway:

  • (c) An administrator shall have at least 24 hours of annual training relating to the job duties. The Department-approved administrator training course specified in subsection (a) fulfills the annual training requirement for the first year.

Continuing education is an extremely important part in the role of an administrator. If you do not meet the requirement for 8 CEU hours yearly, you may be at risk of losing your administrator license. Keep record of your trainings and have them available for review if necessary.



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