Transparency to the consumer

There is no worse thing than to start any relationship off with falsities, especially when it is in relation to the physical care of a senior. It is always best served for both the facility and resident to have a transparent relationship where both parties are free to honestly communicate the expectations, they have for one another. The following regulation is provided by Maine DHHS …Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services to ensure they are providing specific information to

3.26 Information to consumers. The licensee must provide an information packet that includes the following
information to the consumer and/or consumer’s legal representative at the time of admission or within sixty
(60) calendar days of the effective date of these regulations for all current consumers who have not already been given this information:
3.26.1 Advance Directives information;
3.26.2 Information regarding the type of assisted living program and the licensing status;
3.26.3 The Maine Long Term Care Ombudsman Program brochure;
3.26.4 The department’s toll-free telephone numbers for the Office of Advocacy, Adult Protective
Services, and the Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services, Community Services
3.26.5 The process and criteria for placement in, or transfer or discharge from, the assisted living
program; and
3.26.6 The assisted living program’s staff qualifications