Subdivision 1. Treatment and therapy management services. This section applies only to assist
living facilities that provide treatment and therapy management services.

Subd. 2. Policies and procedures. (a) An assisted living facility that provides treatment and therapy
management services must develop, implement, and maintain up-to-date written treatment or therapy
management policies and procedures. The policies and procedures must be developed under the supervision
and direction of a registered nurse or appropriately licensed health professional consistent with current practice
standards and guidelines.
(b) The written policies and procedures must address requesting and receiving orders or prescriptions
for treatments or therapies, providing the treatment or therapy, documenting treatment or therapy activities,
educating and communicating with residents about treatments or therapies they are receiving, monitoring
and evaluating the treatment or therapy, and communicating with the prescriber.

Subd. 3. Individualized treatment or therapy management plan. For each resident receiving
management of ordered or prescribed treatments or therapy services, the assisted living facility must prepare
and include in the service plan a written statement of the treatment or therapy services that will be provided
to the resident. The facility must also develop and maintain a current individualized treatment and therapy
management record for each resident which must contain at least the following:
(1) a statement of the type of services that will be provided;
(2) documentation of specific resident instructions relating to the treatments or therapy administration;
(3) identification of treatment or therapy tasks that will be delegated to unlicensed personnel;
(4) procedures for notifying a registered nurse or appropriately licensed health professional when a problem
arises with treatments or therapy services; and
(5) any resident-specific requirements relating to documentation of treatment and therapy received,
verification that all treatment and therapy was administered as prescribed, and monitoring of treatment or
therapy to prevent possible complications or adverse reactions. The treatment or therapy management record
must be current and updated when there are any changes.

Subd. 4. Administration of treatments and therapy. Ordered or prescribed treatments or therapies
must be administered by a nurse, physician, or other licensed health professional authorized to perform the
treatment or therapy, or maybe delegated or assigned to unlicensed personnel by the licensed health
professional according to the appropriate practice standards for delegation or assignment. When administration
of treatment or therapy is delegated or assigned to unlicensed personnel, the facility must ensure that the
a registered nurse or authorized licensed health professional has:
(1) instructed the unlicensed personnel in the proper methods with respect to each resident and the
unlicensed personnel has demonstrated the ability to competently follow the procedures;
(2) specified, in writing, specific instructions for each resident and documented those instructions in the
resident’s record; and
(3) communicated with the unlicensed personnel about the individual needs of the resident.

Subd. 5. Documentation of administration of treatments and therapies. Each treatment or therapy
administered by an assisted living facility must be in the resident record. The documentation must include
the signature and title of the person who administered the treatment or therapy and must include the date
and time of administration. When treatment or therapies are not administered as ordered or prescribed, the
provider must document the reason why it was not administered and any follow-up procedures that were
provided to meet the resident’s needs.

Subd. 6. Treatment and therapy orders. There must be an up-to-date written or electronically recorded
order from an authorized prescriber for all treatments and therapies. The order must contain the name of the
resident, a description of the treatment or therapy to be provided, and the frequency, duration, and other
information needed to administer the treatment or therapy. Treatment and therapy orders must be renewed
at least every 12 months.

Subd. 7. Right to the outside service provider; other payors. Under section 144G.91, a resident is free
to retain therapy and treatment services from an off-site service provider. Assisted living facilities must
make every effort to assist residents in obtaining information regarding whether the Medicare program, the
medical assistance program under chapter 256B, or another public program will pay for any or all of the