Written By: Pascal Bergeron

When a change in facility administration occurs, it is crucial to follow proper procedures outlined by the regulatory authorities. In Florida, pursuant to Section 429.176, F.S., assisted living facility owners are required to notify the Agency Central Office within a specified timeframe. This article explores the regulations and processes associated with changing administrators in assisted living facilities in Florida.

Notification Requirement:

According to Section 429.176, F.S., facility owners are mandated to notify the Agency Central Office within 10 days of a change in facility administrator. This notification serves as a crucial step in maintaining transparency and ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines. The notification process involves completing the “Notification of Change of Administrator” form, AHCA Form 3180-1006 (June 2016), which is incorporated by reference.

AHCA Form 3180-1006:

The AHCA Form 3180-1006 is the official document utilized for notifying the Agency Central Office of a change in facility administration. This form captures essential information related to the facility, the outgoing administrator, and the incoming administrator. It includes details such as facility name, license number, effective date of the change, and contact information for both administrators.

The form serves as a record of the transition and allows regulatory authorities to update their records accordingly. Facility owners must ensure accurate and complete information is provided on the form to facilitate a smooth transition and maintain compliance.

Accessing the Form:

The AHCA Form 3180-1006 can be accessed online via the Florida Administrative Code website at http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-09393. Facility owners should navigate to the provided link, which directs them to the specific reference for the form. The online platform allows for easy access and ensures that the most recent version of the form is available.

Submission and Compliance:

Once the AHCA Form 3180-1006 is completed with the necessary details, it should be promptly submitted to the Agency Central Office within the designated 10-day timeframe. Facility owners should retain a copy of the submitted form for their records.

By adhering to the notification requirement and promptly submitting the form, facility owners demonstrate their commitment to transparency and regulatory compliance. The Agency Central Office relies on accurate and timely information to update their records and ensure continuity of oversight.


Maintaining effective administration is critical for the smooth operation of assisted living facilities. When changes occur in facility administration, it is essential to comply with regulatory requirements and promptly notify the relevant authorities. In Florida, pursuant to Section 429.176, F.S., facility owners must complete and submit the AHCA Form 3180-1006 within 10 days of a change in facility administrator. By following the prescribed process, assisted living facilities can ensure compliance, facilitate a smooth transition, and continue providing quality care to their residents.