Visitation in the ALF

Family involvement is an extremely important aspect of a resident’s care in an assisted living facility. Visitation from family and loved ones has been shown to decrease feelings of isolation, loneliness, and depression thus improving their mental health. The state of Virginia DOSS mandates that no facility shall impede on a resident’s right to have visitors in the community:

22VAC40-73-540. Visiting the facility.

  1. Daily visits to residents in the facility shall be permitted.
  2. Visiting hours shall not be restricted, except by a resident when it is the resident’s choice.
  3. The facility may establish a policy or guidelines so that visiting is not disruptive to other residents and facility security is not compromised. However, daily visits and visiting hours shall not be restricted as provided in subsections A and B of this section.
  4. The facility shall encourage regular family involvement with the resident and shall provide ample opportunities for family participation in activities at the facility.