Volunteering in the ALF

Having a fruitful volunteer program is a blessing for many facilities and the residents that reap the benefits. Volunteers can be used for concierge services, assistance in the dining room, activities and even as a personal companion for residents. To be sure you are compliant with the volunteer regulation provided by DOSS check out the following:

22VAC40-73-240. Volunteers.

  1. Any volunteers used shall:
  2. Have qualifications appropriate to the services they render; and
  3. Be subject to laws and regulations governing the confidential treatment of personal information.
  4. No volunteer shall be permitted to serve in an assisted living facility without the permission of or unless under the supervision of a person who has received a criminal record clearance pursuant to § 63.2-1720 of the Code of Virginia.
  5. The facility shall maintain the following documentation on volunteers:
  6. Name.
  7. Address.
  8. Telephone number.
  9. Emergency contact information.
  10. Information on any qualifications, orientation, training, and education required by this chapter, including any specified relevant information.
  11. The duties and responsibilities of all volunteers shall be clearly differentiated from those of persons regularly filling staff positions.
  12. At least one staff person shall be assigned responsibility for coordinating volunteer services, including overall selection, supervision, and orientation of volunteers.
  13. Prior to beginning volunteer service, all volunteers shall attend an orientation including information on their duties and responsibilities, resident rights, confidentiality, emergency procedures, infection control, the name of their supervisor, and reporting requirements. Volunteers shall sign and date a statement that they have received and understand this information.
  14. All volunteers shall be under the supervision of a designated staff person when residents