WAIVERS AND VARIANCES.  The licensing authority may vary or waive certain licensure requirements for facilities, provided that it would not adversely affect the health, safety or welfare of the residents or staff.

  1.             Requests for a variance or waiver may be made at any time, shall be made in writing to the licensing authority and shall specify the following:

                                (1)           the section of the rule for which the variance or wavier is requested;

                                (2)           the time period for which the waiver is requested;

                                (3)           if the request is for a variance; the specific alternative action that the facility proposes;

                                (4)           the reason(s) for the request and an explanation of why and how the health, safety and welfare of the residents or staff are not endangered by the requested variance or waiver; and

                                (5)           justification that the goal or purpose of the rule would be satisfied.

  1.             The licensing authority may require additional information from the facility prior to acting on the request.
  2.             The licensing authority may impose conditions on the variance or waiver.
  3.             The licensing authority shall limit the duration of any waiver.
  4.             Variances and waivers are nontransferable and shall be kept on file and readily available at the facility.
  5.             Variances and waivers are granted at the discretion of the licensing authority.