WATER:  Pursuant to the current New Mexico drinking water requirements, NMAC.

  1.             The water supply system shall be constructed, protected, operated and maintained in conformance with applicable local, state and federal laws, ordinances and regulations.
  2.             Where a facility is supplied by its own water system, the system shall meet the sampling and construction requirement of a non-community water system as defined by the current New Mexico drinking water requirements.
  3.             All water that is not piped into the facility directly from a public water supply system shall be from an approved source, disinfected, transported, handled, stored and dispensed in a sanitary manner.  Such water shall be prevented from entering potable water systems by appropriate cross connection and backflow prevention devices.
  4.             Hot and cold running water, under pressure shall be provided in all areas where food is prepared and where equipment and utensils are washed, sinks, lavatories, washrooms and laundries.
  5.             The hot water temperature that is accessible to residents shall be maintained at a minimum of ninety-five (95) degrees fahrenheit and a maximum of one hundred ten (110) degrees fahrenheit.  Hot water in excess of one hundred ten (110) degrees fahrenheit is permitted in kitchen and laundry areas, provided that residents are supervised in order to prevent injury.

[ NMAC – Rp, NMAC, 1/15/2010]