Survey is over! Now what?

What to expect during a survey

Let’s face it- inspection time is extremely stressful! No matter how much you have prepared or how long you have been in the “industry” when an inspector shows up to your community it can be a nerve-wracking experience. In Nevada, the Department of Health and Human Services can show up anytime they see fit to conduct an inspection of every nook and cranny of the facility. Be prepared, be cordial and be open with inspectors and you will certainly have a much better experience. Check out the following regulation for what to expect during the inspection process:

NAC 449.15529  On-site survey of home by Bureau. (NRS 449.0302)  The Bureau shall conduct:

1.  An initial on-site survey of a home:

(a) After the Bureau receives a completed application for a license to operate the home and the fee required pursuant to NAC 449.016; and

(b) Before the issuance of a license to operate the home.

2.  Additional on-site surveys of a home not less than once every 3 years after conducting the survey of the home pursuant to subsection 1.

NAC 449.202  Rights of staff members during investigation of facility; duties of investigator. (NRS 449.0302)

1.  Upon the request of the administrator of a residential facility or any other member of the staff of the facility, a person who is conducting an investigation of the facility pursuant to NRS 449.0307 shall:

(a) Identify himself or herself and provide the name and telephone number of his or her supervisor; and

(b) Inform the administrator or other member of the staff of the facility of the reason for the investigation.

2.  The person who is conducting the investigation shall:

(a) Treat the members of the staff of the facility in a professional and respectful manner;

(b) Conduct an unbiased investigation; and

(c) Provide to the administrator of the facility an accurate report of the findings of the investigation, including a description of each deficiency found and a citation to the section of NAC 449.002 to 449.99939, inclusive, or chapter 449 of NRS which has been violated.

3.  After the investigation has been completed, the person conducting the investigation shall, upon the request of a member of the staff of the facility:

(a) Provide the member of the staff of the facility with the opportunity to:

(1) Ask questions concerning the findings of the investigation; and

(2) Review with the person who conducted the investigation the provisions of NAC 449.002 to 449.99939, inclusive, and chapter 449 of NRS that the investigator believes were violated; and

(b) Provide to the member of the staff of the facility the details of any complaints received by the Division concerning the facility, other than details that may reveal the identity of the person who submitted the complaint.

Pro Tip:

  • Work with the surveyor and their team’s needs
  • Be professional and try to develop a rapport with the surveyor
  • Be honest
  • Use their feedback to make needed changes to your facility