Temperature Control

Failure to provide a comfortable environment in regard to temperature for residents can most certainly result in complaints by residents and family members which could possibly even turn into a complaint inspection. Follow the regulations below to ensure you stay in the “cool” zone: 

111-8-63-.22 Temperature Control

(1) The temperature throughout the assisted living community must be maintained by an adequate central heating and cooling system or its equivalent at ranges that are consistent with the individual health needs of residents and provides a comfortable environment for the residents.

(2) Temperatures in the assisted living community must not fall below 62 degrees F during sleeping hours or above 85 degrees F during the day. Mechanical cooling devices shall be made available for use in those areas of the building used by residents when inside temperatures exceed 80 degrees F.

(3) Where a power outage or mechanical failure impacting the ability of the assisted living community to maintain these temperature ranges occurs, the assisted living community must take immediate action to provide for the health and safety of the residents, including but not limited to, arranging immediately for a service call, providing additional blankets or fans or utilizing an emergency power generator in accordance with the assisted living community’s emergency preparedness plan.

If there happens to be an issue with your air conditioning or heating system, DO NOT wait to have this problem addressed. This is a health safety issue. Residents that are left in a setting that is outside of the regulation could be exposed to elements that can be detrimental to their health and wellness.