Resident Representation and Grievance Procedures

There will be undoubtedly, many issues that arise in your community. More often than not, they will be led by a disgruntled resident, who cannot be pleased no matter how many times you have tried. Be that as it may, these grievances need to be investigated to ensure each resident gets a fair shot at voicing their opinion and concern toward the issues they face within the community. Check out the regulation below as to how to properly respond to resident grievances:

  • 6859. Resident Representation and Grievance Procedures
  1. Resident Association
  2. The provider shall have a formal process and structure by which residents, in representative groups and/or as a whole, are given the opportunity to advise the director regarding resident services and life at the ARCP.
  3. Any resident association requests, concerns, or suggestions presented through this process shall be addressed by the director within a reasonable time frame, as necessitated by the concern, request, or suggestion.
  4. Staff may attend the residency association meetings only upon an invitation made by the residents of the ARCP.
  5. Grievance Procedure. A provider shall establish and have written grievance procedures to include, but not limited to 1. a formal process to present grievances;
  6. a formal appeals process for grievances;
  7. a process to respond to residents and resident association requests and written grievances within seven days; and
  8. the maintenance of a log to record grievances, investigation, and disposition of grievances

Top Takeaway:

If you receive a visit from the DHH regarding a complaint you better be sure that you have a proper record of all grievances that were brought to your attention along with the next steps following either an unsubstantiated or substantiated issue.