Admission Agreements

What did I agree to?!

It is always an exciting time when a new resident chooses to move into your community! Many hours of work from your team have paid off and now you welcome a new member to the “family”- but it’s not done yet! The state of Mississippi requires a written financial agreement for every new person moving into an Assisted Living Facility. Agreements should always be signed prior to the resident moving in or taking possession of the apartment. Check out the regulations below as to what needs to be included in the written admission agreement:

Rule 47.11.8 Admission Agreement. Prior to, or at the time of admission, the operator and the resident or the resident’s responsible party shall execute in writing a financial agreement. This agreement shall be prepared and signed in two or more copies, one copy is given to the resident or his/her responsible party, and one copy placed on file in the licensed facility.

  1. As a minimum, this agreement shall contain specifically:
  2. Basic charges agreed upon (room, board, laundry, and personal care).
  3. Period to be covered in the charges.
  4. Services for which special charges are made.
  5. Agreement regarding refunds for any payments made in advance.
  6. A statement that the operator shall make the resident’s responsible party aware, in a timely manner, of any changes in resident’s status, including those which require transfer and discharge; or operators who have been designated as a resident’s responsible party shall ensure prompt and efficient action to meet resident’s needs.
  7. No agreement or contract shall be entered into between the licensee and the resident or his responsible agent which will relieve the licensee of the responsibility for the protection of the person and personal property of the individual admitted to the licensed facility for care.
  8. Any funds are given or provided for the purpose of supplying services to any patient in any licensed facility, and any funds otherwise received and held from, for, or on behalf of any such resident, shall be deposited by the director or other proper officer of the licensed facility to the credit of that patient in an account which shall be known as the Resident’s Personal Deposit Fund. No more than one (1) month charge for the care, support, maintenance, and medical attention of the patient shall be applied from such account at any one (1) time. After the death, discharge, or transfer of any resident for whose benefit any such fund has been provided, any unexpended balance remaining in his personal deposit fund shall be applied for the payment of care, cost of support, maintenance, and medical attention which is accrued. In the event, any unexpended balance remains in that resident’s personal deposit fund after complete reimbursement has been made for payment of care, support, maintenance, and medical attention, and the director or other proper officer of the licensed facility has been or shall be unable to locate the person or persons entitled to such unexpended balance, the director or other proper officer may, after the lapse of one (1) year from the date of such death, discharge, or transfer, deposit the unexpended balance to the credit of the licensed facility’s operating fund.
  9. The resident or his responsible party shall be furnished a receipt signed by the licensee of the licensed facility or his lawful agent, for all sums of money paid to the licensed facility.
  10. Written notification shall be given to the resident/responsible party when basic charges and/or licensed facility policies change.

Pro Tip:

Walkthrough the entire document, section by section with the client. You should take your time, read everything to them and make sure they understand what they are agreeing to. If they have any questions politely answer and do not make them seem like a hassle. Remember, this experience will set the tone for their entire residency.