2016 AHCA deficiency list

Easy But Not So Easy

Making sure your facility staff records and staff training are in AHCA compliance should be one of the easiest compliance tasks your facility is faced with. The regulations are in black and white. It’s either you have the required items or you don’t.

So why is it so hard to comply with these regulations and why are they are the most cited deficiencies?

The answer is most facilities don’t have a good system in place to make sure all the employee’s records are in compliance.

A common practice is someone will go through all the staff files when Survey is coming due and check for compliance issues and attempt to get all the needed items and in services obtained before getting caught.


Use The ALF Boss Staff Compliance Helper free and put your staff file task’s on autopilot

  • Informs you when staff file items are going to be expiring soon and need require new in services to be obtained
  • When new staff are hired it informs you of all the needed items in the file