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Comprehensive Elopement Policies, Procedures, and Training for Assisted Living Facilities in Florida

Written By: Pascal Bergeron Ensuring resident safety is a top priority in assisted living facilities, particularly when it comes to elopement incidents. Florida’s elopement requirements mandate the development of comprehensive policies, procedures, and training to prevent and effectively respond to such incidents. In this article, we will explore the essential components of elopement policies, procedures, […]

Clearing Office Space in Your ALF: Understanding Record-Keeping Requirements

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Written by:Pascal Bergeron Are you in dire need of creating some much-needed space in your assisted living facility’s office? It’s time to tackle the clutter and organize your records effectively. But wait, how long are you actually required to keep certain items? Let’s dive into the regulations and shed light on the appropriate retention periods. […]

Navigating Resident Care: An In-Depth Look at 59A-36.007 Standards

Written By: Pascal Bergeron Providing adequate and timely healthcare to residents is a crucial aspect of maintaining their overall well-being in Assisted Living Facilities. The Florida Administrative Code, specifically 59A-36.007 Resident Care Standards, outlines the requirements for ensuring resident access to necessary healthcare services. This blog post will delve into the provisions mentioned in subsection […]

Essential Checklist for a Facility Admission Package

Written by Pascal Bergeron:Admission Requirement Checklist – Sheet1 (1) Introduction: When considering admission to a long-term care facility, it’s crucial to have all the necessary information readily available. A well-prepared admission package ensures that potential residents and their families have a comprehensive understanding of the facility’s services, costs, and policies. In this blog post, we […]