Foley Catheters in the ALF Setting

Foley Catheters in the ALF Setting

  Let’s Talk About Catheters! We’ve been hearing rumors that catheters are not allowed in ALFs and this is not always the case. ALF Boss will try to clear up the exceptions so you can best assist your residents. A urinary catheter is a flexible tube that collects urine directly from the bladder and, typically, […]



The Agency for Health Care Administration is responsible for the licensure and regulation of Assisted Living Facilities. They monitor and enforce Regulation compliance. It’s no secret that the less time AHCA is in your facility the chances go way down for your ALF to get cited by them. So let’s look at some steps that […]

ALF’s and Electric Wheel Chair’s

ALF's and Electric Wheel Chair's

Power wheelchairs enhance the quality of life by enabling occupation, improving self-esteem and facilitating social interaction. Despite these benefits, there are risks associated with power mobility use; and accidents, which may occur, are a serious concern. As there is no gold standard to assess when a client is unsafe with power mobility, therapists generally rely […]

Dangers Of Bed Rails | FL

Bed rail dangers

The use of half bed rails in ALF’s is not uncommon. AHCA regulations d0 allow the use of half bed rails if certain criteria are met. ST – A0030 – RESIDENT CARE – RIGHTS & FACILITY PROCEDURES the use of physical restraints by a facility must be reviewed by the resident ‘ s physician annually. […]