Administrator Certification Training Programs

87785 INITIAL CERTIFICATION TRAINING PROGRAM VENDOR AND PROGRAM APPROVAL REQUIREMENTS (a) Initial Certification Training Programs shall be approved by the Department prior to being offered to applicants for licensure or administrator certification. (b) Any vendor applicant seeking approval of an Initial Certification Training Program shall submit a written request to the Department’s Administrator Certification Section […]

Administrative Actions

87775 REVOCATION OR SUSPENSION OF LICENSE (a) Pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 5, (commencing with Section 11500), Part 1, Division 3, Title 2, of the Government Code, the Department may suspend or revoke any license on any of the grounds stipulated in Health and Safety Code Sections 1569.1515(c) and 1569.50. (b) When the Director […]


87705 CARE OF PERSONS WITH DEMENTIA  (a) This section applies to licensees who accept or retain residents diagnosed by a physician to have dementia. Mild cognitive impairment, as defined in Section 87101(m), is not considered to be dementia. (b) In addition to the requirements as specified in Section 87208, Plan of Operation, the plan of […]

Health-Related Services and Conditions

87605 HEALTH AND SAFETY PROTECTION (a) Acceptance by the licensee of residents with incidental medical needs shall be in accordance with the conditions specified in this article. (b) The provisions of this Article 11 shall be applicable and in conjunction with Articles 1 through 10 and 12 through 13 of this chapter 8. (c) Licensees […]