Food Services

87555 GENERAL FOOD SERVICE REQUIREMENTS (a) The total daily diet shall be of the quality and in the quantity necessary to meet the needs of the residents and shall meet the Recommended Dietary Allowances of the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council. All food shall be selected, stored, prepared and served in […]

Continuing Requirements

87560 GOVERNING BODY¬† (a) The licensee, whether an individual or other entity, shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the licensed facility and establish policies concerning its operation in conformance with these regulations and the welfare of the individuals it serves. (b) If the licensee is a corporation or an association, the governing body […]

Enforcement Provisions

87451 SERIOUS DEFICIENCIES (a) Regulations including but not limited to the following may result in serious deficiencies when a failure to comply presents an immediate or substantial threat to the physical health, mental health, or safety of the residents: (1) Section 87219 relating to criminal record clearance. (2) Section 87220 relating to fire clearance. (3) […]

Administrative Actions

87340 DENIAL OF INITIAL LICENSE (a) Except as specified in Section 87231(a), which provides that the applicant may be issued a provisional license based upon substantial compliance and immediate need, the licensing agency shall deny an application for an initial license if it is determined that the applicant is not in compliance with applicable law […]