ALF Staff on Staff Sexual Harassment

ALF Staff on Staff Sexual Harassmen

Working in the healthcare sector is presumably one of the most complex professions in the country. This is, predominantly, due to the fact that being able to efficiently combine their objective knowledge with subjective deduction (in dealing with cases) is an impressive feat –which makes healthcare workers stand out as professionals. This ability is therefore, […]

How Long Must You Keep Records For?

ALF Boss records

You want to make space in your ALF’s office but you are not sure how long you are required to keep certain items. According to regulation 58A-5.024 Records you can get rid of items. Fire Safety inspection reports issued by the local authority or the State Fire Marshal pursuant to Section issued within the last two […]

New Resident Medicare Numbers

Resident Medicare

In the Spring, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) sent all Medicare beneficiaries brand new cards.  For protection, the new Medicare cards do not have social security numbers on them. By removing social security numbers, we are helping to prevent identity theft. New cards should have arrived by June.  The new updated cards will […]

How Often Is an ALF Required to Weigh Resident’s?

ALF Required to Weigh Resident’s

If a Resident is living in your facility and is receiving assistance with his or her daily activities, then there is a requirement for the resident’s weight to be checked and recorded bi-annually (every six months). You are also required to weigh and record the resident’s weight upon initial admission into the facility. This means […]