Here is a format you can follow to help you design and Create a 2 Hr Pre-Service Orientation for your facility. Keep in mind your facility is unique and you can change it to reflect your facility

Facility Layout 45 min 

Tour new staff around your facility

Show them where residents rooms are located

Show them the different areas of the facility (tv room, staffsdining etc)

Show them where supplies are kept

Show them where soiled laundry and linen’s go

Show them where soiled diapers go

Residents Care Procedures 40 min

Provide them with a list of residents names and room numbers

Review the procedures of your facility for observing and reporting health changes with the residents

Review resident fall procedures Review how to properly fill out an incident report

Review and discuss the resident’s bill of rights (give examples of possible violations of rights)

Facility Emergency Procedures 15 min

Discuss the facilities procedure and staff’s responsibilities in the event the fire alarm goes off

Show them where the fire extinguishers are located

Show them where your evacuation zones are located

Facility Emergency Procedures 20 min

Facility Staff Rules and Code of Conduct 10min

Discuss the facilities staff rules

Discuss the facilities code of conduct

The facility’s license type and services offered by the facility 10min

Discuss the facilities license type
Discuss services allowed and offered under the facility’s license type.

This is a basic guideline and you need to customize the training to your facility. Your facility might be a 10 bed facility so a tour of your facility might not take 45 min for example so make changes and add and subtract items so that it works for your facility.

2 hr pre-service training employee form
 Resident Bill of Rights