0152 – Physical Plant – Safe Living Environ/Other 

Based on observation and interview, the facility failed to maintain a safe and sanitary living environment free of hazards and homelike in appearance.

The findings included:

A tour was conducted at the facility on  (date) from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
accompanied by the Manager. The following issues were observed:

1) At the entrance of the facility, there were pavers missing and improperly set , creating a tripping hazard.
2) In main building, there were 3 of 4 light bulbs not operational in the bathroom.
3) In dinning area the paint on the ceiling was peeling and the plaster was flaking; the air conditioning vents contained Black like stains and were grossly dirty.

In an interview conducted with the administrator and the manager on (date) at approximately 4:06 PM, they acknowledged the findings.

Class III