Class III

052 – Medication – Assistance with Self-Admin – 58A-_ (3)

Based on observation and interview, the facility failed to follow the proper procedures for providing
assistance with self-administration of medication, for 2 of 2 residents (Resident#1 and Resident#8)
observed during medication pass. As evidenced of the facility failing to bring the medication in it‘s
previously dispensed and labeled container, to the resident and in the presence of the resident, read the
medication label, remove the prescribed amount of the medication and then – it to the resident.

The findings include:

a) Observation on(date) at 9:320AM, found Resident 1 receiving the following medications (as
documented on the Medication Observation Review MOR) for (date)
10mg. , W – SR 100mg AMIHS, HBR 40mg. AM, m 20mg. AM.
Observations during assistance with self-administration of medication reveal Staff C  (unlicensed staff)
assisted Resident #1 with self -administration of medications. Staff C removed Resident#1’s medications
from the locked medication cart, placed the medication from the previously dispensed container, placed
it into a cup, took to resident who was sitting in a chair in front of the medication cart, handed the
resident his medication and turned and documented in the MOR. Staff C didn‘t identify the medications
to the resident.