I’ve seen it numerous times – facilities getting cited by AHCA for not having a current city fire inspection on file. Your facility must have a satisfactory fire inspection done once a year.

A lot of times cities are behind on inspections and don’t come out within the yearly required timeframe. This is your responsibility as a facility to keep track of and if you see it’s getting close to the one-year time frame (one year since your last facility fire inspection) you need to pick up the phone and contact your city fire marshal’s office and request an inspection. Trying to convince the AHCA surveyor it’s not your fault and it’s the cities won’t work, trust me I have tried.

If you do have to call the fire marshal’s office to remind them, be polite and don’t remind them that they need to be doing their job better, or that you could get in trouble, etc. the last thing you want is an angry fire inspector doing your inspection.

Take a couple of minutes and look up when your facility last had its city fire inspection and make sure it’s not more than a year old to keep your facility within the AHCA regulations.