Workforce Qualifications, Training and Staffing

The state of Maine allows Assisted Living Facilities to perform certain nursing services if they are in satisfactory compliance with the state regulations and showing the ability to provide those services. Check out the following regulation for more information:

Assisted Living Programs with Nursing Services (Type 2)
15.1 License required. Before an assisted living program can provide nursing services directly or indirectly, it
must demonstrate to the Department’s satisfaction the capacity to provide nursing services and receive a
Type 2 Assisted Living Program license.
15.2 Nursing services. The assisted living program shall disclose whether it provides nursing services, directly
or indirectly, as follows:
15.2.1 Services of a Registered Professional Nurse; and/or
15.2.2 Registered Professional Nurse coordination and oversight of consumer care services provided
by unlicensed health care assistive personnel