Policy and Procedures..Employee Policies & Procedures

Keeping your p&p inline

While operating a CRCF in the state of South Carolina, it is not just suggested, but required to have policies and procedures for many operational aspects of your facility. Be sure to check out the following regulation provided by the Department of Health and Environmental Control to ensure you are in compliance at all times:


  1. General (II).

Written policies and procedures addressing each section of this regulation regarding resident care, rights, and the operation of the facility shall be developed and implemented, and revised as required in order to accurately reflect actual facility operation. The policies and procedures shall address the provision of any special care offered by the facility which would include how the facility shall meet the specialized needs of the affected residents such as Alzheimer’s disease and/or related dementia, physically/developmentally disabled, in accordance with any laws which pertain to that service offered, e.g., Alzheimer’s Special Care Disclosure Act.

Facilities shall establish a time-period for review of all policies and procedures and such reviews shall be documented. These p&p’s shall be accessible and available to staff at all times and shall be available to residents and/or their responsible parties upon their requests for inspection.

Pro Tip:

  • Involve your staff in changes regarding policies that affect their role within the community. If they feel a sense of teamwork when developing new policies, they will be much more likely to buy into the change.
  • Ensure pertinent policies are reviewed with new hires at the time of their orientation