If you have any resident’s who require feeding assistance it is important that you make sure your staff provides this assistance sitting with the resident. Often facilities ask direct care staff to provide feeding assistance to more than one resident and the staff finds it easier to stand so they can feed one resident and then go over and help the other resident.

 The Issue

AHCA views standing above them as degrading the residents. And violates the resident’s bill of rights. If a surveyor observes this practice, they will issue your facility with a deficiency for it.

Make sure you take some time and review your facilities ‘resident feeding assistance procedures’.

Things to look for:

  1. Identify if you have any residents receiving feeding assistance
  2. Make sure you, and/or your staff, are performing this task whilst sitting with the resident
  3. Inservice your staff about this issue so all are aware of the proper way to provide feeding assistance
  4. Make sure those residents who require feeding assistance have an 1823 form which states that the resident needs feeding assistance.