Title Admissions – Health Assessment
Statute or Rule 429.26(4-6) FS; 58A-5.0181(2) FAC

(4) If possible, each resident shall have been examined by a licensed physician, a licensed physician assistant, or a licensed nurse practitioner within 60 days before admission to the facility. The signed and completed medical examination report shall be submitted to the owner or administrator of the facility who shall use the information contained therein to assist in the determination of the appropriateness of the resident ‘ s admission and continued stay in the facility. The medical examination report shall become a permanent part of the record of the resident at the facility and shall be made available to the agency during the inspection or upon request. An assessment that has been completed through the Comprehensive Assessment and Review for Long-Term Care Services (CARES) Program fulfills the requirements for a medical examination under this subsection and s. 429.07(3) (b)6.
(5) Except as provided in s. 429.07, if a medical examination has not been completed within 60 days before the admission of the resident to the facility, a licensed physician, licensed physician assistant, or licensed nurse practitioner shall examine the resident and complete a medical examination form provided by the agency within 30 days following the admission to the facility to enable the facility owner or administrator to determine the appropriateness of the admission. The medical examination form shall become a permanent part of the record of the resident at the facility and shall be made available to the agency during the inspection by the agency or upon request.
(6) Any resident accepted in a facility and placed by the department or the Department of Children and Families shall have been examined by medical personnel within 30 days before placement in the facility. The examination shall include an assessment of the appropriateness of placement in a facility. The findings of this examination shall be recorded on the examination form provided by the agency. The completed form shall accompany the resident and shall be submitted to the facility owner or administrator. Additionally, in the case of a mental health resident, the Department of Children and Families must provide documentation that the individual has been assessed by a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, clinical social worker, or psychiatric nurse, or an individual who is supervised by one of these professionals, and determined to be appropriate to reside in an assisted living facility. The documentation must be in the facility within 30 days after the mental health resident has been admitted to the facility. An evaluation completed upon discharge from a state mental hospital meets the requirements of this subsection related to appropriateness for placement as a mental health resident providing it was completed within 90 days prior to admission to the facility. The applicable department shall provide to the facility administrator any information about the resident that would help the administrator meet his or her responsibilities under subsection (1). Further, department personnel shall explain to the facility operator any special needs of the resident and advise the operator whom to call should problems arise. The applicable department shall advise and assist the facility administrator where the special needs of residents who are recipients of optional state supplementation require such assistance.

(2) HEALTH ASSESSMENT. As part of the admission criteria, an individual must undergo a face-to-face medical examination completed by a health care provider as specified in either paragraph (a) or (b) of this subsection.
(a) A medical examination completed within 60 calendar days before to the individual ‘ s admission to a facility pursuant to Section 429.26(4), F.S. The examination must address the following:
1. The physical and mental status of the resident, including the identification of any health-related problems and functional limitations;
2. An evaluation of whether the individual will require supervision or assistance with the activities of daily living;
3. Any nursing or therapy services required by the individual;
4. Any special diet required by the individual;
5. A list of current medications prescribed, and whether the individual will require any assistance with the administration of medication;
6. Whether the individual has signs or symptoms of Tuberculosis, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, Scabies or any other communicable disease, which are likely to be transmitted to other residents or staff;
7. A statement on the day of the examination that, in the opinion of the examining health care provider, the individual ‘ s needs can be met in an assisted living facility; and
8. The date of the examination, and the name, signature, address, telephone number, and license number of the examining health care provider. The medical examination may be conducted by a health care provider licensed under Chapter 458, 459 or 464, F.S.
(b) A medical examination completed after the resident ‘ s admission to the facility within 30 calendar days of the admission date. The examination must be recorded on AHCA Form 1823, Resident Health Assessment for Assisted Living Facilities, October 2010. The form is hereby incorporated by reference. AHCA Form 1823 may be obtained http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-04006. Faxed or electronic copies of the completed form are acceptable. The form must be completed as instructed.
1. Items on the form that may have been omitted by the health care provider during the examination do not necessarily require an additional face-to-face examination for completion. The facility may obtain the omitted information either orally or in writing from the health care provider.
2. Omitted information must be documented in the resident ‘ s record. Information received orally must include the name of the health care provider, the name of the facility staff recording the information, and the date the information was provided.
3. Electronic documentation may be used in place of completing the section on AHCA Form 1823 referencing Services Offered or Arranged by the Facility for the Resident. The electronic documentation must include all of the elements described in this section of AHCA Form 1823.
(c) Any information required by paragraph (a) that is not contained in the medical examination report conducted before the individual ‘ s admission to the facility must be obtained by the administrator using AHCA Form 1823 within 30 days after admission.
(d) Medical examinations of residents placed by the department, by the Department of Children and Families, or by an agency under contract with either department must be conducted within 30 days before placement in the facility and recorded on AHCA Form 1823 described in paragraph (b).
(e) An assessment that has been conducted through the Comprehensive, Assessment, Review and Evaluation for Long-Term Care Services (CARES) program may be substituted for the medical examination requirements of Section 429.26, F.S., and this rule.
(f) Any orders for medications, nursing, therapeutic diets, or other services to be provided or supervised by the facility issued by the health care provider conducting the medical examination may be attached to the health assessment. A health care provider may attach a DH Form 1896, Florida Do Not Resuscitate Order Form, for residents who do not wish cardiopulmonary resuscitation to be administered in the case of cardiac or respiratory arrest.
(g) A resident placed on a temporary emergency basis by the Department of Children and Families pursuant to Section 415.105 or 415.1051, F.S., is exempt from the examination requirements of this subsection for up to 30 days. However, a resident accepted for temporary emergency placement must be entered on the facility ‘ s admission and discharge log and counted in the facility census; a facility may not exceed its licensed capacity in order to accept such a resident. A medical examination must be conducted on any temporary emergency placement resident accepted for regular admission