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59A-36.020 Limited Mental Health – Records | FL

RECORDS. (a) A facility with a limited mental health license must maintain an up-to-date admission and discharge log containing the names and dates of admission and discharge for all mental health residents. The admission and discharge log required in rule 59A-36.015, F.A.C., satisfies this condition provided that all mental health residents are clearly identified. (b) […]

59A-36.015 Records- Resident | FL

RESIDENT RECORDS. Resident records must be maintained on the premises and include: (a) Resident demographic data as follows: Name, Sex, Race, Date of birth, Place of birth, if known, Social security number, Medicaid and/or Medicare number, or name of other health insurance carrier, Name, address, and telephone number of next of kin, legal representative, or […]

59A-36.013 Fiscal Standards – Surety Bonds | FL

SURETY BONDS. Pursuant to the requirements of section 429.27(2), F.S.: (a) For entities that own more than one facility in the state, one surety bond may be purchased to cover the needs of all residents served by the entities. (b) The following additional bonding requirements apply to facilities serving residents receiving OSS: If serving as […]

59A-36.006 Admissions – Health Assessment | FL

HEALTH ASSESSMENT. As part of the admission criteria, an individual must undergo a face-to-face medical examination completed by a health care practitioner as specified in either paragraph (a) or (b) of this subsection. (a) A medical examination completed within 60 days before or within 30 days after the individual’s admission to a facility pursuant to […]