Title Resident Care – Third-Party Services
Statute or Rule 58A-5.0182(7) FAC

(a) Nothing in this rule chapter is intended to prohibit a resident or the resident ‘ s representative from independently arranging, contracting, and paying for services provided by a third party of the resident ‘ s choice, including a licensed home health agency or private nurse, or receiving services through an out-patient clinic, provided the resident meets the criteria for admission and continued residency and the resident complies with the facility ‘ s policy relating to the delivery of services in the facility by third parties. The facility ‘ s policies must require the third party to coordinate with the facility regarding the resident ‘ s condition and the services being provided.
(b) When residents require or arrange for services from a third-party provider, the facility administrator or designee must allow for the receipt of those services, provided that the resident meets the criteria for admission and continued residency. The facility, when requested by residents or representatives, must coordinate with the provider to facilitate the receipt of care and services provided to meet the particular resident ‘ s needs.
(c) If residents accept the assistance from the facility to arrange and coordinate third party services, the facility ‘ s assistance does not represent a guarantee that third party services will be received. If the facility ‘ s efforts to make arrangements for third party services are unsuccessful or declined by residents, the facility must include this documentation in the residents ‘ record explaining why its efforts were unsuccessful. This documentation will serve to demonstrate its compliance with this subsection.