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59A-36.021 Extended Congregate Care Services | FL

EXTENDED CONGREGATE CARE SERVICES. All services must be provided in the least restrictive environment, and in a manner that respects the resident’s independence, privacy, and dignity. (a) A facility providing extended congregate care services may provide supportive services including social service needs, counseling, emotional support, networking, assistance with securing social and leisure services, shopping service, […]

ST – A0053 – Medication – Administration | FL

Title Medication – Administration Statute or Rule 58A-5.0185(4) FAC (4) MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION. (a) For facilities that provide medication administration, a staff member licensed to administer medications must be available to administer medications in accordance with a health care provider ‘ s order or prescription label. (b) Unusual reactions or a significant change in the resident […]

ST – A0031 – Resident Care – Third Party Services | FL

Title Resident Care – Third-Party Services Statute or Rule 58A-5.0182(7) FAC (7) THIRD-PARTY SERVICES. (a) Nothing in this rule chapter is intended to prohibit a resident or the resident ‘ s representative from independently arranging, contracting, and paying for services provided by a third party of the resident ‘ s choice, including a licensed home […]