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Avoiding AHCA Citations:Chemical Security in Assisted Living Facilities

Writen By: Pascal Bergeron Operating an assisted living facility in Florida comes with the enormous responsibility of ensuring resident safety. One aspect that can’t afford to be overlooked is the proper storage and handling of cleaning supplies and chemicals, particularly in communities where residents suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia. A Sobering Reality: Findings from Mock […]

When Assisted Living Roommates Fight: Steps to Take and Understanding Florida AHCA Regulations

Written By: Pascal Bergeron Conflicts among roommates aren’t restricted to college dorms or shared apartments in big cities. In assisted living facilities, residents often share rooms, and like any other shared living situation, disagreements can arise. However, given the unique circumstances and the age group involved, these disputes often require a different approach. Understanding the […]

Clearing Office Space in Your ALF: Understanding Record-Keeping Requirements

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Written by:Pascal Bergeron Are you in dire need of creating some much-needed space in your assisted living facility’s office? It’s time to tackle the clutter and organize your records effectively. But wait, how long are you actually required to keep certain items? Let’s dive into the regulations and shed light on the appropriate retention periods. […]