Written by:Pascal Bergeron

Are you in dire need of creating some much-needed space in your assisted living facility’s office? It’s time to tackle the clutter and organize your records effectively. But wait, how long are you actually required to keep certain items? Let’s dive into the regulations and shed light on the appropriate retention periods. According to Regulation 58A-5.024 Records, here’s a breakdown of what you can safely part ways with.

Fire Safety Inspection Reports:
Those fire safety inspection reports issued by the local authority or the State Fire Marshal within the last two years? You can breathe a sigh of relief and bid them adieu. Once those two years have passed, it’s time to let them go.

Sanitation Inspection Reports:
Similarly, the sanitation inspection reports issued by the county health department within the last two years can now find their way to the recycling bin. Make space for the present by discarding these outdated records.

Survey, Inspection, and Complaint Investigation Reports:
Completed survey, inspection, and complaint investigation reports, along with notices of sanctions and moratoriums issued by the agency within the last five years, have served their purpose. You can now bid farewell to these records and make room for new beginnings.

Resident Contracts:
Resident contracts, vital for ensuring legal obligations and expectations, must be retained for five years. However, once this duration has passed, it’s time to free up some space and let go of these outdated documents.

Resident Records (except contracts):
Here’s the good news—resident records, excluding contracts, can be kept for two years following a resident’s departure from the facility. Once this period elapses, it’s time to declutter and responsibly dispose of these records.

Work Schedules and Staff Time Sheets:
To maintain transparency and accountability, the facility should retain written work schedules and staff time sheets for the most recent six months. After this period, you can confidently bid farewell to these records, knowing you’ve met the required obligations.

By understanding the record-keeping requirements outlined in Regulation 58A-5.024, you can confidently create more space in your ALF’s office while ensuring compliance. Free yourself from the burden of unnecessary paperwork by responsibly disposing of records based on their specified retention periods.