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Checking Received Food Temperatures

ALF Boss Health Department

If your ALF has 11 beds or more, when your facility kitchen is inspected by the Health Department and even AHCA they will be looking at the following: 1. What is the process for receiving food?  2. Do staff take and record delivery temperatures?  In order to be able to prove that you are doing the […]

New Staff Requirement | FL


Effective March 31, 2019, if your ALF has 11 beds and up your staff, whom who engage in the storage, preparation, or serving of food, or cleaning of equipment, utensils, or food contact and non-food contact surfaces, will be required to be trained annually, In the past, AHCA required your staff to be in-serviced one time. […]

Don’t Get A Dirty Dining Report

Dirty Dining

No matter the size of your facility or the size of your kitchen, your facility kitchen will be inspected by your local health department. Here are a few common Violations found in ALF’s: Storage and Labelling of food Examples:     Violation  Food container ITEMS INSIDE REFRIGERATOR AND FREEZER NEEDS TO BE LABELLED AND DATED CODE REFERENCE: […]