What services can you provide in an ACLF

Determining what medical services are allowed in an ACLF is a straightforward conversation. Your clinical care team in addition to any third-party providers are entrusted to provide the following services as allowed by the Tennessee OHCF:

1200-08-25-.07 SERVICES PROVIDED.

(1) An ACLF may provide medical services as follows:

(a) Administer medications to residents that are typically self-administered as subject to limitations described within these rules and regulations.

(b) All other medical services prescribed by the physician that could be provided to a private citizen in the citizen’s home, including, but not limited to:

  1. Part-time or intermittent nursing care;
  2. Various therapies;
  3. Podiatry care;
  4. Medical social services;
  5. Medical supplies;
  6. Durable medical equipment; and
  7. Hospice services.

(c) Intravenous medications may only be administered to:

  1. Existing residents who receive them on an intermittent basis; and
  2. Residents receiving hospice care.

(2) Medical services in an ACLF shall be provided by:

(a) Appropriately licensed or qualified staff of an ACLF;

(b) Appropriately licensed or qualified contractors of an ACLF;

(c) A licensed home care organization;

(d) Another appropriately licensed entity; or

(e) Appropriately licensed staff of a nursing home.

(3) Oversight of medical services in an ACLF shall be consistent with oversight provided in private residential settings as defined through rules and regulations promulgated by the applicable licensing boards and shall ensure the quality of care to residents.

(4) Medicare reimbursable services shall be provided to an ACLF resident by a certified Medicare provider.