You do not want these problems

After being inspected by the CCLD you will typically be given a report based upon their findings. These deficiencies vary in terms of seriousness, but the following tags are certainly not what you want to be out of compliance with:


(a) Regulations including, but not limited to, the following may result in serious deficiencies when a failure to comply presents an immediate or substantial threat to the physical health, mental health, or safety of the residents:

(1) Section 87355 relating to criminal record clearance.

(2) Section 87202 relating to fire clearance.

(3) Section 87204 relating to limitations on the number or types of facility residents.

(4) Section 87311 relating to telephone service.

(5) Sections 87455(c)(1) or (2), or (4), or Section 87615 relating to persons with communicable diseases, persons requiring inpatient health care, persons who are bedridden, or persons with a prohibited health condition.

(6) Section 87204(b) relating to nonambulatory residents.

(7) Section 87468(a)(3) relating to resident rights.

(8) Section 87608(a) relating to restraints.

(9) Sections 87307(d)(3) through (7) or (e) relating to the safety of resident accommodations.

(10) Section 87555(b)(24), (25), or (27) relating to storage, preparation, and service of food.

(11) Section 87465(b)(3) relating to medical and dental care of residents.

(12) Section 87465(c) relating to storing and dispensing medications.

(13) Section 87303(e)(2) relating to hot water temperature.

(14) Section 87303(e)(4), (5), or (6) relating to the toilet, handwashing, and bathing accommodations.

(15) Section 87303(f)(1) or (2) relating to storage and disposal of solid wastes, syringes, and needles.

(16) Section 87415 relating to night supervision.

(17) Section 87638 relating to licensees forwarding to the Department a resident’s request for review by an interdisciplinary team of a health condition relocation order.