This is always a hot topic. If you go according to the regulations, YES  but There are instances where a Hoyer lift may be used in Extended Care assisted living facilities. However, if you need a Hoyer lift, you should really consider discharging the resident.


ONLY Residents under Hospice care may be bedridden and require specialized equipment such as air mattresses, suction equipment, or mechanical lifting or transfer devices AKA Hoyer Lift.

These would be permitted solely for the use of the Hospice resident and operated by competent qualified staff. Durable medical equipment as identified in the patient’s hospice plan of care must be provided by the hospice while the patient is under hospice care.

The hospice must ensure that manufacturer recommendations for performing routine and preventive maintenance on durable medical equipment are followed. The equipment must be safe and work as intended for use in the patient’s environment.

The hospice must ensure that the patient, where appropriate, as well as the family and/or other caregiver(s), receive instruction in the safe use of durable medical equipment and supplies. The hospice may use persons under contract to ensure patient and family instruction. The patient, family and/or caregiver must be able to demonstrate the appropriate use of durable medical
equipment to the satisfaction of the hospice staff.

If you decide to allow a Hoyer Lift in your ECC facility, this is what you need:

  1. Current resident that is now on hospice  (cannot be a new resident)
  2. The hospice physician must Order the hoyer lift.
  3. Resident, family members, representative, guardian has to provide written consent
  4. The Order needs to have a note that the lift is for the safety of the resident and not the staff
  5. The hospice staff must do a in-service/ training on the proper use of the hoyer lift