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ALF Staff on Staff Sexual Harassment

ALF Staff on Staff Sexual Harassmen

Working in the healthcare sector is presumably one of the most complex professions in the country. This is, predominantly, due to the fact that being able to efficiently combine their objective knowledge with subjective deduction (in dealing with cases) is an impressive feat –which makes healthcare workers stand out as professionals. This ability is therefore, […]

Can The ALF Be Cited For Using a Hoyer Lift? | FL


This is always a hot topic. If you go according to the regulations, YES  but There are instances where a Hoyer lift may be used in Extended Care assisted living facilities. However, if you need a Hoyer lift, you should really consider discharging the resident. ANSWER: ONLY Residents under Hospice care may be bedridden and require specialized […]

Dangers of Social Media for ALFs


More and more social media is becoming a part of people’s everyday lives.  It has even changed how we communicate. Many people are regularly publishing status updates, videos, and pictures of their daily lives to stay connected to their friends and families near and far.  Of course, even businesses use social media to market and […]

Crushing Medications AHCA Regulation

Crushing Rules

  I received a question the other day which asked: If it was ok to crush medications and place the crushed medications into applesauce to be given to a resident? Let’s break the question down….. 1. Can medications be crushed? Yes, BUT you must have a doctor’s order stating so. 2. Who can crush medications? A […]