New Bill Of Rights Language

New Bill Of Rights

A slight change of wording recently was changed to the Assisted Living Resident’s Bill of Rights. Although the change is not a big one your facility is still required to reflect the changes. If you don’t you can be cited by AHCA. 58A-5.0182(6) RESIDENT RIGHTS AND FACILITY PROCEDURES. (a) A copy of the Resident Bill […]

Dangers of Social Media for ALFs


More and more social media is becoming a part of people’s everyday lives.  It has even changed how we communicate. Many people are regularly publishing status updates, videos, and pictures of their daily lives to stay connected to their friends and families near and far.  Of course, even businesses use social media to market and […]

45 Days Notice Be Careful!

45 days notice

Evicting residents from ALF’s is a controversial topic. Currently, there is a regulation in place that mandates that ALF’s give a resident 45 days’’ notice in order to evict them. However, resident advocates believe that a system should be in the place where facilities must first report proposed evictions to the Ombudsman’s office and allow […]

AHCA Wants Staff To Take A Seat!

AHCA Wants Staff To Take A Seat!

  If you have any resident’s who require feeding assistance it is important that you make sure your staff provides this assistance sitting with the resident. Often facilities ask direct care staff to provide feeding assistance to more than one resident and the staff finds it easier to stand so they can feed one resident and […]