Your resident’s 1823 form must be updated at least every three years by a health care professional or when the resident has a significant health change. Resident’s that are independent and have no major medical issues are the resident’s whose 1823’s are usually the ones that get cited for this three-year expiration rule. If you don’t have a system in place where you audit your resident files and review their 1823’s, then you are putting your facility at risk for a deficiency that is easily avoided.


58A-5.0181 (4) CONTINUED RESIDENCY. Except as follows in paragraphs (a) through (e) of this subsection, criteria for continued residency in any licensed facility must be the same as the criteria for admission. As part of the continued residency criteria, a resident must have a face-to-face medical examination by a health care provider at least every 3 years after the initial assessment, or after a significant change, whichever comes first

If your facility doesn’t have a system in place to review resident 1823’s then set aside some time this week and go through your resident files and make sure that:

  1. Your 1823’s accurately reflect your resident’s current condition
  2. That the 1823’s are not over three years old
  3. If you bill for Assistive Care Services your 1823 may not be more than 1yr old. ($1,000 fine)