2 Hr Pre-Service Orientataion

Effective October 1, 2015 any new staff that your facility has hired is required to have had a two-hour training provided by your facility before they began interacting with any of your residents.

So what does this 2hr training suppose to consist of and what exactly does it need to include to be compliant?

Unfortunately, the answer is not that easy, you must use the broad guidelines that have been provided and put something together on your own.

Let’s look at those guidelines

* New staff must complete the preservice orientation prior to interacting with residents.

* Once complete, the employee and the facility administrator must sign a statement that the employee completed

the preservice orientation which must be kept in the employee’s personnel record.

* In addition to topics that may be chosen by the facility administrator, the preservice orientation must cover:

  1. Resident rights
  2. The facility’s license type and services offered by the facility.

If you’re having trouble creating this training you can go and use the ALF Boss template to help you. How to Create A 2 Hr Pre-Orientation


2 hour pre-service orientation