How Often Is an ALF Required to Weigh Resident’s?

ALF Required to Weigh Resident’s

If a Resident is living in your facility and is receiving assistance with his or her daily activities, then there is a requirement for the resident’s weight to be checked and recorded bi-annually (every six months). You are also required to weigh and record the resident’s weight upon initial admission into the facility. This means […]

How Much Emergency Water Should Your ALF Have?


The AHCA regulation is not really clear on exactly how much emergency water that you need to keep in supply for your ALF. The regulation actually falls under ST – A0093 – Food Service – Dietary Standards which is a tag that has to do with all of your facility food and beverage dealings. Let’s look at […]

ALF Resident’s Are Given Lower Score When Applying For LTC

ALF Resident’s

  Did You Know? Assisted Living Facilities in Florida, have approximately 96,142 beds licensed with AHCA, which are home to thousands of our older and aging adults. Data shows most of these residents live in the assisted living setting for several years, spending their personal assets and monthly income to cover costs for living and care services. Some of these individuals do outlive/outlast their savings, or who have depleted savings beyond their monthly […]