The AHCA regulation is not really clear on exactly how much emergency water that you need to keep in supply for your ALF.

The regulation actually falls under ST – A0093 – Food Service – Dietary Standards which is a tag that has to do with all of your facility food and beverage dealings.

Let’s look at the AHCA regulation:

AHCA Emergency Food Regulation

So How Much Water Do You Need?

The regulation tells states that you need water sufficient for drinking and food preparation for three days, or a plan in place to obtain it, for all of your current residence.  While the regulation doesn’t specifically state the amount an ALF needs, the surveyor knows how much and will cite you if you don’t have the amount they are looking for.

Emergency Water

The Magic Number

According to The Florida Division of Emergency Management, your ALF should have at least one gallon of water per person, per day, for three days. This is the number that the AHCA surveyor will be looking for when at your ALF. You should list this amount in your required Comprehensive Emergency Plan