Get Rid Off Unused Medications ASAP!

ALF Medication

A medication AHCA deficiency that is often cited is facilities being caught with storing medications that have been discontinued by way of Dr’s order or leftover from a discharged resident. There are precise regulations outlining the guidelines as far as what the facility needs to do when faced with unused medications. Let’s take a look […]

Dangers Of Bed Rails

Bed rail dangers

The use of half bed rails in ALF’s is not uncommon. AHCA regulations d0 allow the use of half bed rails if certain criteria are met. ST – A0030 – RESIDENT CARE – RIGHTS & FACILITY PROCEDURES the use of physical restraints by a facility must be reviewed by the resident ‘ s physician annually. […]

AHCA Checking Emergency Food Supply Dates

ALF Hurricane supply

One of the most important things you can do for the residents of your ALF is to make sure that you have enough food and water to sustain them in the event of an emergency. AHCA mandates the amount that you need to have in your emergency supply at all times in ST – A0093 […]

58A-5.0185 Medication Practices

58A-5.0185 Medication Practices. Pursuant to sections 429.255 and 429.256, F.S., and this rule, licensed facilities may assist with the self-administration or administration of medications to residents in a facility. A resident may not be compelled to take medications but may be counseled in accordance with this rule. (1) SELF ADMINISTERED MEDICATIONS. (a) Residents who are […]