Making Sure 1823 Form Is Properly Filled Out!

The 1823 form can get your assisted living facility in trouble as a matter of fact it’s the number one cited document by AHCA. Here is a good example of a completely filled 1823.   Example 1 No Dr signature, No signed date. Let’s take a look at different examples that can get you cited […]

6 Ways 1823 Forms Can Get You In Trouble

6 ways

The Go To Document The 1823 form was implemented by the state of Florida to be the go-to document to identify the care and services needed by resident’s residing in ALF’s. An individual should be able to know the condition and how much care a Resident needs by reading the 1823 form.

59A-36.006 Admissions – Continued Residency | FL

ONTINUED RESIDENCY. Except as follows in paragraphs (a) through (c) of this subsection, criteria for continued residency in any licensed facility must be the same as the criteria for admission. As part of the continued residency criteria, a resident must have a face-to-face medical examination by a health care practitioner at least every 3 years […]